Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 We CAN ~ Goodness is the Accumulation of Many Small Acts

“Though my work may be menial, 
though my contribution may be small, 
I can perform it with dignity and offer it with unselfishness. 
My talents may not be great, 
but I can use them to bless the lives of others.... 
The goodness of the world in which we live is the accumulated goodness of many small 
and seemingly inconsequential acts.” 
~Gordon B. Hinckley

January ~ We collected eyeglasses for third world countries and items for activity grab bags for pediatric patients at Utah Valley Hospital and began working on Sugar Buddy dolls for children who are in the hospital.

February-this month we collected items to fill purses for homeless women (scarf, gloves, ear warmer headbands, socks, chapstick, fruit snacks, hand warmers, hats, lotion, body powder, hand sanitizer and brushes.) These were delivered to the Road Home Shelter in Salt Lake.  We also made homemade Valentines for nursing homes in Payson and Elk Ridge.  

 March- We collected and filled Easter Candy for treat bags for United Way Food Bank for underprivileged children whose parents are taking the "Circles" course to learn skills needed to enhance their home and family life.  We also stuffed the Buddy dolls for UVRMC pediatric units, and covered journals for Hearts Knit Together.  

April-We collected and assembled items for 20 Birthday Bags for the Food Bank.  We also covered another 39 journals for Hearts Knit Together so we delivered 50 total the the Women's Shelter, 

May ~ This month we collected items for Refugee Kits (towels, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, and cleanser).  We also began working on ornaments for our Festival of Trees tree.

June- This month we collected diapers and wipes for Utah Refugee Center and assembled lady bug craft kits for Primary Childrens and Utah Valley Hospitals.

July- summer break

August - We collected school supplies for school kits for the Community Action Food Bank and made ornaments for our Festival of Trees tree.


September~We collected money to purchase our Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees and worked on ABC/123 books for the American Fork Humanitarian Center.

October~We collected and put together Christmas socks for soldiers, finished ABC/123 books and tied baby blankets for the Utah County Health Department home visit program for at risk babies.  We also worked on shape toys for the American Fork Humanitarian Center and finished the "Friends" pillow for the Festival of Trees.

November~ We collected supplies for and put together 21 sewing kits for the Refugee Action Network (scissors, safety pins, straight pins, buttons, thread, tape measure, hand sewing needles). We also put Snowman tags on water bottles for the Festival Trees Shoppe, made shape ornaments for the American Fork Humanitarian Center and finished making our ornaments for the Festival of Trees tree.

December ~ We set up our tree for the Festival of Trees.  Our Raggedy Ann and Andy tree sold for $450.00 and our water bottles with Snowman tags sold for $160.00 so we raised $610.00 for Primary Childrens' Hospital. 

It's been a great year, ladies!  Thank you for all the good you do!

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Smiles and Happiness are truly catching.!"

"Smiles and Happiness are truly catching." 
~Johnny  Gruelle

Last year was the 100th anniversary of Johnny Gruelle's  first Raggedy Ann and Andy book, so it seemed a fun theme for good friends to put together.
Kathy, Lynn and Carolyn
Getting the tree bag set up first.  When the festival is over the tree bag goes around the whole tree and because everything is wired on, it can be transported easily to it's new home.  There is tons of Creative Energy in the air at the festival - it is so exciting to be there and to see all the amazing trees that are decorated in a few hours . . . but we know that hundreds of hours have been spent designing and creating the ornaments and display items that go around and on the tree.
Dennis, Vila, Lynn, Carolyn and Anne
 Dennis came along to put the re-bar that is required on the tree.  The
Festival rules are changing a little, but it makes it easier for those volunteers who transport the trees to their new homes.

Raggedy Ann and Andy
 Lynn sewed our Raggedy Ann and Andy ~ don't they look like they are just waiting to go under the Christmas tree?
Carolyn, Dennis and Vila
 Each joining section of the tree has to have rebar that is wired in.  The ornaments all have to be wired onto the tree as well as the lights.  Our tree was pre-lit, so we could skip that tedious step.  
Carolyn, Carol, Vila and Lynn
 Getting ornaments and wire ready to go!
Anne, Carol, Carolyn and Ardis
 And the fun begins!
Anne, Kathy and Ardis
 Most of the ornaments we have made during our Humanitarian service meetings during the past year.  The candy cane sticks were purchased at the craft store.  
Ardis and Anne
 The tree is decorated with Raggedy Ann and Andy stockings, Ann and Andy faces, cloth balls, red felt hearts, yarn spools, and peppermint candy sticks.
Anne, Carolyn, Kathy, Carol and Ardis

With the Rag Tree Skirt
 Sandy put together our Rag Tree Skirt Quilt
"Smiles and Happiness are Truly Catching!" ~ Johnny Gruelle
 Kathy and her daughter made the chalkboard quote as well as putting the names on the wooden sleds.
Our finished Raggedy Ann and Andy tree!
 The tree is delightful, bright and fun!
side view

Vila, Lynn, Sandy, Anne, Carolyn, Ardis, Carol and Kathy

The Festival of Trees bidding is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29th.  The Festival opens to the public Wednesday, November 30 and runs through Saturday December 3.  It is at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"I served and saw that service is joy." Kahlil Gibran

"I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” 
                                                                   ― Kahlil Gibran

Sewing kits ready to be assembled
 Monday, November 7th we met at Carolyn's home for a combination of service projects.  We are finishing the last few things for our Festival of Trees Christmas tree, working on items to sell in the Festival Gift Shop.  We collected and put together 16 sewing kits for the Give Utah Refugee Connection for  families that have moved to this area.  We also worked on Shape Toys that are placed in School Kits and sent to schools throughout the world through the Utah Humanitarian Center spearheaded by Roseann Gunther and the Launfal Foundation.
Jan, Vila, Lynn, RaeLee, Paulette and Ardis
 These ladies are working on the cute tags that go on the water bottles for the Gift Shop at the Festival of Trees Gift Boutique.
RaeLee, Paulette, Ardis, Jan, Vila and Lynn
The finished product

 "I used to be a man of snow,
Now I'm a bottle of H20!"

All boxed up and ready to go to the Festival
Kristen and Susan
We had a few ornaments left to work on for our Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees tree..  Kristen and Susan made Raggedy Ann and Andy stockings.  Kathy and Sandy worked on Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments.
Ann and Carolyn

   We assembled 16 Sewing Kits for the Give Utah Refugee Connection.  These sewing kits contain scissors, thread, needles, safety pins, straight pins, measuring tape,and  buttons.   These kits are given to refugee families that are settling in the Utah County area.

 We also worked on Shape Toys that are sent with School Kits to schools throughout the world.  The shapes help children learn colors as well as shapes. These kits are assembled through the Utah Humanitarian Center spearheaded by Roseann Gunther and the Launfal Foundation.

Carolyn, Vila, Ardis, Paulette, Jan and Kristen ~ Sandy behind the camera.
We enjoyed a delicious potluck luncheon .  
Everyone is welcome to join us in this fun few hours of service. 

Our next meeting will be held Monday, November 28th as we go up to Salt Lake City to decorate our tree for the Festival of Trees