Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming Project March 10

For our next meeting, coming up on March 10, we will be working on a Humaitarian effort to send school supplies to children in Afhanistan.

Supplies that are needed are:
12" plastic rulers
small pencil sharpeners
pink erasers (the kind that are approx 1" x 2")
#2 pencils
packages of colored pencils (12 in a box)
If you have extra around your home or can purchase a few items in the next couple of weeks, bring them to our meeting.

We will be watching a video about a woman in American Fork who organizes ongoing Humanitarian efforts, such as this one to send 2500 kits to 10 schools in Afghanistan and we will be cutting out some foam felt patterns that will also go in the school kits.

We CAN (Care And Nurture)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tying it Up

"Children are our future, we must take care of them with maximum effort." Naomi Campbell

Our second meeting was held February 10, 2009 at Paulette's home. Marcia W., Connie K., Ardis L., Carolyn S., Paulette F., and Sandy O. attended. We tied a lovely children's quilt for the Humanitarian Center.
Ardis suggested we call our group "We CAN" with CAN an acronym for Care And Nourish. The name was approved by all attending. Carolyn reported on her trip to Rosarita. We had a lovely luncheon with a variety of salads. We will meet again the 2nd Tuesday in March.

Reflections on Rosarita

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." ~ Mother Teresa

C and D delivered 240 pounds of rice and beans and 12 large jars of salsa to the Bishop in Rosarita. The Elders help Carolyn unload the supplies.

The beautiful chapel in Rosarita

Carolyn with a lovely family in Rosarita

And We're Off!

Our first meeting was held on a snowy morning, February 2, 2009 at Carolyn's home, who has spearheaded this endeavor. Carolyn S., Paulette F., Connie K., Marlene S., Barbara E., Rae Lee S., Judy D., Ardis L . and Sandy O., attended and Ranae H will be a long-distance member. We also welcome others throughout the community who would like to be involved.

We talked about different organizations and areas where we could serve and help others. A myriad of ideas were formed and we talked about different names for our group as well as a mission statement. Our first project will be sending some food staples to an area in M. where because of the current decline in tourism, people are struggling. C & D will be heading to M. Wednesday and will take down food staples with them then. We are to bring ideas for a name for our group to the next meeting, which will be held February 10 at Paulette's home.

We visited, had refreshments and adjourned.