Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's next?

We are still collecting flip flops for the children in Ethiopia, but we are also collecting new or gently used tee-shirts for the children. In July we will be making simple dresses for the little girls

The boys wear a tee shirt with jeans, and the little girls wear simple dresses that can be made by sewing a ruffle of fabric on the bottom of a tee shirt as shown in the photo above. The best tee shirts are those of dark colors or with patterns on them. They do need to have sleeves and a high neck. Click here for more information:

"The most important consideration when providing clothing for the children is to realize that the item will be the only thing the child will wear until it literally falls apart. It will be worn to play in, work in, and slept in. It isn't uncommon to find that a child's outfit is sewn on, nor is it uncommon to see a child clutching a filthy piece of rag around the shoulders to serve as a pitiful dress or shirt -- no other clothing or shoes, only the rag. Please know that what you donate with love will be received as a priceless possession. This is why we ask for only new or like new, shirts and dresses, and socks and clean shoes, that are very durable." from Village of Hope

Warm Up America

"Man's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension." Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our June meeting was held at Judy's home. We learned about Warm Up America, a foundation that was started by Evie Rosen because she wanted to help the homeless.

Volunteers knit or crochet a 7" x 9" rectangle, and these rectangles are put together to form an afghan.

To date, over 250,000 afghans have been given to victims of natural disasters, battered women's shelters, the homeless, and others in need.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

"If I could be you,

if you could be me for just one hour

If we could find a way to get inside each other's mind,

If you could see you through my eyes instead of your ego

I believe you'd be surprised to see that you've been blind,

Walk a mile in my shoes,
walk a mile in my shoes

Hey, before you abuse, criticize and accuse

Walk a mile in my shoes."
Words and Music by Joe South sung by Elvis Presley
So far we have collected over 150 flip flops for the children and more are coming in . . .
Here are a few of the beautiful children in Kersa Ilala in Ethiopia, where Village of Hope is making a difference in these children's lives. You can watch some videos of the children and see a few of the things the foundation is doing.