Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Judy Gets Her Wings ~ 2012 Festival of Trees

"There's an angel in us all
A little voice inside that answers every call
There's a joyous sound resounding in your heart
A ray of hope that shines as bright as any star.

Remember . . .
For each and every bell that rings
Another angel gets his wings
So show you care and share your light
And help an angel fly tonight

An act of kindness, a tender smile
These little blessings seem to make it all worth while
So try and do what's ringing true inside your heart

Remember . . .
For each and every bell that rings
Another angel gets his wings
So show you care and share your light
And help an angel fly tonight."
Barbara, Ardis, Paula and Carolyn ~ unloading the cart
 We arrived at the South Towne  Expo Center around 9:30 a.m. and it was already buzzing with creative energy and excitement.    A year of planning and preparing ~ and this is the big  day! Paula is our designer ~ she has a lovely artistic, creative mind and comes up with beautiful decorations and design.
Ardis, Carolyn and Lynn ~ reshaping the tree
 The festival has very strict guidelines by necessity.  These trees are viewed by thousands of people all week long, then on Saturday night, the whole display is packed up and delivered to the buyer.  Everything has to be reinforced and wired in securely so nothing is lost.

Lynn, Ardis and Carolyn ~ wiring decorations
Kathy and Barbara begin to decorate
Barbara and Paula ~ the lights go on, then the star is next

Carolyn, Ardis, Lynn and Barbara ~ wrapping gifts 

Kathy and Paula 

Kathy, Carolyn, Paula, Ardis and Barbara
  Bright lime, turquoise and red tissue balls, folded paper circles adorned with fairies, butterflies, dragon flies, red and turquoise birds and golden books filled with quotes of love and friendship for a dear friend adorn the tree.
 This beautiful tree is dedicated with love to our dear friend, Judy, who left us after a valiant fight against cancer.  She loved everyone and spent her time serving and helping others every day.  She was an angel and dear friend, who set a shining example of Christlike love and compassion.  ~ Judy has truly earned her wings.

Lynn designed and sewed the tree skirt

Paula, Carolyn, Barbara, Lynn
Ardis, Sandy and Kathy
  There is so much love in this building I am amazed the roof can stay on! As we visited with our neighbors and walked around looking at the amazing trees in various stages of creation, the artistry is amazing - but it is the love that is packed into each display that is so poignant.  Every story is touching and memorable. And every cent that is earned through the Festival of Trees goes to help children receive the medical care they so desperately need.
While we were decorating our tree, Carolyn noticed two Scouts walking by with children's books in their arms - she quickly caught up to them and found out it was the Eagle Scout that we had collected books for.  They invited us over to see their tree as well.  He has collected books for each of the children at Primary Children's Hospital and with his family, done this beautiful "Christmas Story" tree display for Festival of Trees.

Festival of Trees is open to the public from Wednesday, November 28 through Saturday, December 1.  Doors open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. each day.

 Tickets are available at the door for $5/Adults, $3/Children ages 2 - 11 (under 2 years old are free), $4 senior citizens.  Wednesday is Family Day where a $15 ticket will admit up to 6 immediate family members.  Discount tickets are still available at most Zions Bank locations.  Discount tickets are $4/Adults, $2.50/Children ages 2 - 11.

Children are an Heritage of the Lord

"Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3)

Monday, November 5th, we met at Heather's home for our monthly day of caring~  We cut, sewed and hemmed baby burp clothes that will be sent to the  American Fork Utah East Stake Center where Roseann Gunther's Humanitarian efforts stretch around the earth. From there, they will be placed in containers to be shipped in newborn kits to mothers in need somewhere in the world.   
Heather, Sophia and Carolyn at work on the bibs
Ardis ~clipping and  turning
  It is amazing how many items can be produced in a very short time with a few willing hands and lots of big hearts!
Barbara ~ steaming the seams
Carolyn, Ardis and Barbara
 There is lots of love and laughter shared during our get togethers.  These ladies have hearts overflowing with love and caring for others.
Heather, Patti and Carolyn


We also collected new or very slightly used Christmas Books for Children to help with an Eagle Scout Project.  This young man is collecting enough Christmas books to give one to each child in Primary Children's hospital this Christmas.  Brandon is also doing a tree this year for the Festival of Trees with a Christmas Story Theme.

 "If we rejoice in what we have, if we feel joy and express it, we are happier." 
~ Quentin L Cook, Sunbeams, Public Affairs and Gospel Joy, 2012