Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enthusiastic Creativity at Work

Ardis, Kathy, and Carolyn working on crowns
"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." ~Thomas Edison

 On Tuesday, August 2 , nine ladies, met for We CAN at Carolyn's home.  We are continuing to work on ornaments for our Festival of Trees entry.  Today, we cut out cardboard crowns that will be spray painted and glittered, as well as cut and glued paper balls made of scripture paper,  and put together printed paper ornaments.
Tiffany, Paula, Barbara and Phyllis ~ working on paper balls and printed paper ornaments
 Everything is black and white and most of the ornaments will be made from lightweight scripture paper.

Carolyn, Lynn, Ardis and Kathy ~ half the fun is visiting with each other

Carolyn's Patriotic themed table

Phyllis, Lynn, Carolyn, Sandy, Tiffany, Ardis and  Kathy

Phyllis, Lynn, Carolyn, Sandy, Tiffany, Ardis and Paula
Our luncheons are always lots of fun, with great food, lots of laughter and fun conversation.

Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, September 6 at Sandy's home.  We will be working on Missionary Stockings and