Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming Project March 10

For our next meeting, coming up on March 10, we will be working on a Humaitarian effort to send school supplies to children in Afhanistan.

Supplies that are needed are:
12" plastic rulers
small pencil sharpeners
pink erasers (the kind that are approx 1" x 2")
#2 pencils
packages of colored pencils (12 in a box)
If you have extra around your home or can purchase a few items in the next couple of weeks, bring them to our meeting.

We will be watching a video about a woman in American Fork who organizes ongoing Humanitarian efforts, such as this one to send 2500 kits to 10 schools in Afghanistan and we will be cutting out some foam felt patterns that will also go in the school kits.

We CAN (Care And Nurture)

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