Thursday, August 6, 2009

Special Delivery

"Where there is great love, there is always miracles." Willa CatherSandy, Ardis, Paulette, Carolyn, Haru, Judy & Lon
Paulette, Ardis, DeAnna, Carolyn, Haru & Judy
Thursday, August 6th was a heart warming day for the We CAN group. We traveled up to Heber to deliver our dresses, tee-shirts, jeans and 160 pairs of flip flops to the Village of Hope founders, Lon and DeAnna Kennard. DeAnna graciously shared with us a few of her experiences and a bit of the inspiration that started them on their journey with the village of Kersa Illala and Village of Hope Foundation. She is an amazing woman with thirteen children, the youngest six were adopted from Ethiopia. DeAnna radiates love and faith, has a huge heart and a spirit in tune with the Lord. They have been working in Ethiopia for ten years now and have overcome huge obstacles and seen many miracles. Thank you, DeAnna, for sharing a part of your busy day with us~ thank you for your light and love!

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