Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Festival of the Trees ~ Set Up

On the 30 of November, we traveled to the South Towne Center in Salt Lake to set up our first ever "small tree" for the Festival of Trees.  We spent many hours painting, decorating and getting the tree, quilt, tree skirt and nativity scene ready to go. 

Judy, Lynn, Ardis and Carolyn getting things just right.
Once at the Festival of Trees, Carolyn stood in a line to check in, while the rest of us guarded our "stuff."  Once we had our number, we proceeded to search for the three foot space alotted to our tree (Small Trees at least three feet tall).  We found our spot and mulled over just the right spot for the quilt, the Nativity and our tribute to Arianne.  We got things set up quickly~ and we were glad that we had decorated ahead of time.  There were lots of people there with camp chairs and picnic coolers - they were ready for the long haul! 

Sandy, Lynn, Judy, Ardis and Carolyn
It was a joy being at the Festival of the Trees on set-up day. The creative energy and excitement in the air was palpable. It was just amazing watching these stunning trees being put together.

Here's the finished tree, with Arianne, Will, Charlie and James in the photo.  We were pleased with the finished results and went home hoping and praying that our little tree would sell. 

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Tiffany Whitelaw said...

It turned out beautifully! A job well done.