Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flowers Feed the Soul

"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." ~ John Harrigan
Lynn teaches how to make fabric flowers
Our October meeting was held Tuesday, October 6th at Judy's home.
We each brought something for the Mother's Without Borders Boutique that will be held October 22-23 at the Greek Orthodox Church in Salt Lake.  We then made fabric flowers for the boutique.

Barbara working on flowers
 Judy, Ardis and Carolyn sewing petals together.
 Lynn, Kathy, Arlene and Judy cutting and sewing petals
 We have some great cooks among us and our potluck lunch is always a visual delight as well as delicious!  We had pulled pork, cucumber salad, peach and chicken salad, pizza bread, caramel apple salad and peach cobbler with home-made ice cream . . . are you getting hungry? 
Our finished flowers. Some of these are on pins, so they can be worn on a garment, others will be put on hair barretts and headbands.

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Judy said...

These turned out so cute! What a fun day with good friends.