Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Comforting Thought

"The joy that isn't shared, dies young."
                                                ~ Anne Sexton

We CAN met Tuesday, April 5th at Lynn's home. We made over 40 comfort pillows that will be taken to a local hospital, where patients can use them during treatment and take them home. The pillows are made of flannel or fleece and are colorful and bright. We also made lots of 5", 4" and 3-1/2" flannel squares that will be given to a woman who makes baby blankets for High Risk Mothers.

 Lynn and Barbara sewing up a storm
 Patti, Lynn, Kathy, Ardis and Carolyn - stuffing pillows and hand sewing
Paula - cutting out patterns
We had a delightful few hours of service and a delicious lunch afterward.

Maralee, who makes baby quilts for High Risk Mothers and their babies.
Friday, we delivered all the flannel squares to Maralee and she showed us a few of the beautiful baby quilts she has done.  Maralee designs the quilts and her friend sews the tops together, then they are tied with the International stitch and bound.

We learned that a woman in our community is in need of hearing aids, so it was decided that we will have a Bake Sale during Paula's upcoming Antique Yard Sale April 30th to help raise needed funds.  We will be meeting Tuesday, April 26th at Barbara's home to bake and prepare for the sale.  Food can be prepared at home as well.  Bring any items you wish to contribute to Carolyn's, Sandy's or Paula's by early Saturday morning, April 30.

Our next We CAN meeting will be Tuesday, May 3rd at Paula's home.  We will be collecting white Sunday shirts in teens and men's sizes to be sent to missionaries in foreign countries and we will begin making Christmas tree ornaments for our 2011 Festival of Trees entry.

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Pollyanna said...

Good Job Sandy, I thought I would add my house Address in case anyone wants to come and buys some of our homemade goodies or Mother's Day gifts since the money is going to a great cause!! It is 218 N Main, in Payson. It starts at 8:00 A.M. sharp! Again the date is Saturday April 30th.