Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bibs for Chinese Orphans

We Can met at Kathy's in May to make bibs for the Starfish Foster Home in China.  The home was started by a BYU graduate who was traveling in China and saw a need for handicapped infants who were given the lowest priority in Chinese orphanages.

We are grateful to RaLee for not only finding out about this orphanage, but for also designing bibs, meeting the requirements of the home.  We had a lovely day chatting and working on stitching, trimming and fringing the bibs, which turned out to be adorable.

In addition to the bibs, each of our We Can ladies brought laundry products that a local women's shelter which had a need for them.

Of course we also had the opportunity to share a lovely potluck luncheon.  Its always so surprising how we all think to bring different things, all of which are yummy, of course.  Thanks Kathy for hosting, and thanks to all the ladies who took out time to show they care about the lives of babies they will never meet.

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