Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Children are an Heritage of the Lord

"Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3)

Monday, November 5th, we met at Heather's home for our monthly day of caring~  We cut, sewed and hemmed baby burp clothes that will be sent to the  American Fork Utah East Stake Center where Roseann Gunther's Humanitarian efforts stretch around the earth. From there, they will be placed in containers to be shipped in newborn kits to mothers in need somewhere in the world.   
Heather, Sophia and Carolyn at work on the bibs
Ardis ~clipping and  turning
  It is amazing how many items can be produced in a very short time with a few willing hands and lots of big hearts!
Barbara ~ steaming the seams
Carolyn, Ardis and Barbara
 There is lots of love and laughter shared during our get togethers.  These ladies have hearts overflowing with love and caring for others.
Heather, Patti and Carolyn


We also collected new or very slightly used Christmas Books for Children to help with an Eagle Scout Project.  This young man is collecting enough Christmas books to give one to each child in Primary Children's hospital this Christmas.  Brandon is also doing a tree this year for the Festival of Trees with a Christmas Story Theme.

 "If we rejoice in what we have, if we feel joy and express it, we are happier." 
~ Quentin L Cook, Sunbeams, Public Affairs and Gospel Joy, 2012

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