Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grandma Inga's Tree

 years from 
now  you  will be 
more  disappointed  by 
the things that you didn't do
 than  by the ones  you did do.
 So . . . . . . throw off the bowlines. 
Sail  away  from  the  safe   harbor. 
Catch  the  trade  winds  in  your  sails. 

― H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Our finished tree ~ we were thrilled to hear that it sold on bid night!

Paula, Kathy and Patti - ready to begin!
Monday, December 2, nine of us headed up to the South Towne Convention Center to put together our tree for the annual Festival of Trees. Carolyn, Lynn, Vila, Ardis, Kathy, Patti, Rae Lee, Paula,and Sandy were there and Barbara and her husband, Alan dropped by for a bit as well.  This year, our tree was designed with a Scandinavian theme in red and white.  Our tree this year is dedicated to Ardis' lovely Grandmother Inga, who came to the United States from Norway when she was a young woman.

We made some of the decorations during the year,
Rae Lee, Paula and Carolyn - working on decorations for the tree
Barbara with the pipe cleaner candy canes

Paula created some of the decorations and she painted the skates, skis, chair and table.
Tree topper ~ designed by Paula P
 Some of the items were also purchased this year.  Lynn created the lovely tree skirt in red with white block designs.
Patti, Rae Lee, Kathy and Paula starting to decorate

 As always, love fills the air in the center and the excitement and enthusiasm in the air is electric!  It is so fun to be at the Festival of Trees on this day.
Ardis, Vila, Carolyn and Lynn wrapping gifts to place around the tree
 As we visit with those designing trees around us, we hear stories that are so touching and others that are just fun . . . but all the trees are designed with the goal of raising money to help children receive the medical help they need.
Paula ~ putting on final touches
Ardis found these two cute porcelain dolls to go with the Swedish theme

Rae Lee, Ardis, Kathy, Sandy, Paula, Lynn, Carolyn, Patti and Vila
The Festival of Trees runs Wednesday, December 4th through Saturday December 7th at the South Towne Center at 9575 South State Street in Sandy, Utah, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Tickets are available at the door or discount tickets can be purchased at many Zion's Bank locations. All the proceeds go to Primary Children's to help children in need of medical care get the services that they need.

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