Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beauty. Comfort. Love. All in One Little Bag ~ Upcoming May 5th

"I have never met anyone who is not thrilled with me at the prospect of helping provide these kits.  I passed the beautiful kit around the table so each could see the beautiful fabrics and see and feel the love that went into preparing it. Beauty. Comfort. Love.  All in one little bag. Life-changing for the girl who will receive it."  ~ from Ann Lewis' journal written in Mali, West Africa

Our May We CAN meeting will be held on Monday, May 5th at 10:00 a.m. at Lynn Rawling's home. It is Cinco de Mayo . . .so bring your favorite Mexican dish if you would like to
 May's project: 
We will be working on feminine hygiene kits for girls and women in other areas of the world, where they do not have access to feminine hygiene products.  We will have a guest speaker from Days for This is a great website that tells you more about the project.  You don't need to bring anything, but if you would like to donate $ towards the supplies she will bring for this project, you are welcome to. 

"What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school, DAYS without income, DAYS without leaving the house? Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, anything they can find...but still miss up to 2 months of school every year. Worse, girls are often exploited in exchange for hygiene.  It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world. The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school."  

We will also be collecting pillows for the Provo Food & Care Coalition this month.

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