Sunday, November 2, 2014

Every baby deserves to wrapped in love - September reportKim

"Every baby deserves to be wrapped in love . . . 
and every parent deserves the gift of hope."
~ Kim Amato, Baby's Bounty
Kim Amato Founder of Baby's Bounty and Renae H
On Tuesday, September 23, Tim H drove Renae and Carolyn from Mesquite to Las Vegas so we could turn in the baby clothes and supplies the We Can ladies had donated at our September meeting. It was special that Renae got to go with Carolyn because even though Renae can never attend our We Can meetings, she donates every month and is actively interested in what we are collecting and doing at We Can.  
We were pleased to meet Kim Amato, the founder of Baby's Bountywho happened to be at the collection center that day.  
Kim Amato, Founder of Baby's Bounty

Kim showed us a kit that was ready to be delivered. We were able to ask her questions about Baby's Bounty and talk with her about the charity's mission and needs.   It's always nice to meet a charity's founder because you can feel their excitement, passion, commitment,  and love for their cause and the people they serve.  We left feeling impressed with Baby's Bounty and the work that they do.  We felt like we had done some good that day. Thank you to the We Can ladies for the two boxes of baby clothing and supplies donated to a very worthy charity. 

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