Monday, December 8, 2014

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting another." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

“We are living art.  Created to help others hang on, stand up, forbear, continue.” 
~ Mayou Angelou

2014 ~ our year in retrospect

January ~Project: We colored children's alphabet book pages for the American Fork Humanitarian Center
Collected: Feminine hygiene products for the Food and Care Coalition in Provo.

February ~
Project: We made homemade Valentines for Payson nursing homes
Collected: Relief supplies for the Phillipines, greeting card fronts for St. Judes and empty printer cartridges for a Salt Lake Charity

March ~
Project: We made journals for Hearts Knit Together.
Collected: Diapers and formula for The Road Home homeless shelter in Salt Lake City.
Barbara, Vila, Carolyn
April ~
Project: Sewed adult size bibs/clothing protectors for Payson & Elk Ridge Nursing homes
Collected: Fabric to make the bibs
Ann, Carolyn, Ardis, Carol, Vila, Lynn, Paulette, Paula
May ~
Project: We made Sanitary Kits for Days for Girls
Collected: Pillows for the Food & Care Coalition as well as money for Days for Girls supplies.
Ardis, Carol,  RaeLee, Vila, Barbara, Carolyn, Lynn, Paulette, Paula, Kathy

June ~ 
Project: We made 24 missionary socks for the gift shop at Festival of Trees
Collected: Cold cereal and foot cream for the Food & Care Coalition

July ~
Project: We made ornaments for our tree for the Festival of Trees
Collected: Items for Days for Girls

August ~
Project: We worked on ornaments for our tree for the Festival of Trees
Collected: School supplies for Tabitha's Way in Spanish Fork

September ~

Project: We made ornaments for our tree for the Festival of Trees
Collected: Baby clothing, baby toiletries and diapers for Baby's Bounty Charity in Las Vegas.

October ~
Project: We made pillow case dresses for Little Dresses for AfricaChristmas tea towels, snowmen pins, Rudolph necklaces for the Doll House Festival Boutique and Mothers Without Borders Boutique.
Collected: Pillow cases for dresses and craft items for the boutiques

November ~
Project: Filled Christmas stockings for soldiers serving in Afghanistan and made dog socks for the Festival of Trees boutique.
Collected: Items for the soldiers' socks

Sandy, Carol, Vila, Patti, Lynn, Carolyn, Barbara
December ~
Project: Mad Hatter Tea Party tree for Festival of Trees
Carolyn, Carol, Lynn, Vila, Paula, Patti, Kathy
A great year!  Thank you ladies!  You are all angels! ~ Carolyn

“I can think of no single feat that was accomplished without a little help.  From the greatest minds in the world to the most successful corporations, no one can honestly claim they did it all alone.  It’s often said it takes “a village to raise a child.”  I believe that village is also necessary to contribute to any level of success in adulthood as well.  This world is simply too big a place to go it alone.” Harvey Mackay

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