Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We have a mandate to serve and lift ~ October We CAN meeting

"We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth with the mandate to serve and lift His children. He is depending on each of us." Thomas S. Monson
Kathy, Carol, Carolyn, Ardis and Lynn wrapping items for the Socks for Soldiers
 Monday, October 11th we met at Janine's new home in Springville.  We all brought items to fill a dozen Christmas Socks for soldiers that are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Humanitarian center sends 2000 Christmas stockings to soldiers serving overseas.
Ardis, Ann, Kathy and Carol wrapping and visiting

Some of the items that go into the stockings are:

Barbara, Anne, and Vila
 We wrapped each of the items and filled the stockings to the brim
Barbara, Carolyn and Lynn
Lynn was working on a "Friends" pillow that will go with our Festival of Trees Christmas tree.
Carolyn, Ardis, Kathy, Ann, and Anne

Carol, Barbara, Vila, and Janine

Ardis, Carolyn, Anne , Anne and Carol - pinning in the final touches

We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.
He is depending upon each of us." Presdient Thomas S. Monson

Ardis, Carolyn, and Ann working on ABC books
We colored the pictures for each letter of the alphabet for the ABC- 123 books at a previous We CAN meeting.  Now each picture is glued onto colored paper and slid into a plastic sleeve in a small book.  Teachers use these as they are teaching children to read.
Lynn and Kathy  - ABC-123 books
These go in school kits that are put together at the American Fork Humanitarian workshop.  They are then sent with other supplies to teachers and children throughout the world.   

Ann and Carol

Anne and Janine tying fleece baby quilts. 

Anne, Sandy and Janine - tying fleece quilts

Anne, Kathy and Janine
We had a lovely potluck luncheon of salads with a few desserts.  
Our next meeting will be held at Kathy's home on November 7th.
We'll be finishing the last touches on our Festival of Trees tree. The Festival will be held this year on November 30-December 3rd. 

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