Thursday, February 9, 2017

Accumulated Goodness

“Though my work may be menial, though my contribution may be small,
I can perform it with dignity and offer it with unselfishness. 
My talents may not be great, but I can use them to bless the lives of others.... 
The goodness of the world in which we live is the accumulated goodness 
of many small and seemingly inconsequential acts.” 
~Gordon B. Hinckley
Carolyn and Ann ~ 
 Each year for the past few years we have made Valentines to take to Assisted Living Centers in our area. 
This year we made 120 Valentines for people in the Assisted Living Centers in Elk Ridge, Payson and Santaquin.  The Valentines  are placed on the food tray for each resident on Valentine's Day.

Ardis, Carolyn and Ann
The Valentines are lots of fun to make and creative artistry abounds in these beautiful women!
A few of the 120 hearts we put together
 We also collected  50 Onesies in sizes Newborn to 12 months 
that were delivered to the 

This is a program that helps At Risk babies and their families to keep the babies healthy and growing through nurses' home visits, family education and support in a variety of ways.
Our  next meeting will be
 Monday, March 6th.

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