Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tying Up Something Special

"Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love."
Lynn, Carol, Vila Paula, Kathy & RaeLee tying the
Right before Christmas, a home  of a dear friend in our community burned down. Friends and neighbors gathered together to help them piece their lives back together. Furniture, food, clothing and other necessities were gathered, Christmas presents replaced. Love, support, prayers and concern surrounded this wonderful family.
Caroly, Barbara, Vila, Paula, RaeLee and  Paulette
 "Quilting with a Friend will keep you in stitches." ~Anonymous
So for our January 9th We CAN meeting, we tied a lovely blue/white gingham check queen size quilt for our friend, Ann.  One of the things we enjoy the most about getting together, besides accomplishing a little bit of good that day, is talking, laughing and savoring the great company.
Carol, cutting out coupons, Barbara and Vila work on the luncheon.
 "Friends are threads of gold in the quilt of life."

Carol, finding and sorting coupons for servicemen and their families.
 The pattern is formed in the quilt by tying white in the blue squares and blue in the white squares. 
Lynn does the beautiful embroidered labels.

One of the things Ann was missing the most, were her recipes, which were all destroyed in the fire.
So we collected favorite recipes from all the We CAN members, plus several favorite recipe books were also shared.
Ann with her new quilt ~ tyed with love
"When life gives you scraps - make a quilt."
Ann with some of her new recipes

Carolyn, Lynn, Ardis, Ann, Barbara, Vila and Kathy at Ann's January 14, 2012
"Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort and warmth."

Upcoming meeting: February 6 at Carolyn's 10:00 a.m.
We will be collecting warm winter mittens, gloves, and hats to go to Korea.
We will be making Valentine's for several retirement centers in Payson.
Potluck Lunch

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