Sunday, November 8, 2015

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” ― J.M. Barrie

“You know that place between
sleep and awake,
the place when you can still
remember dreaming?
That’s where I’ll always love you
That’s where I’ll be waiting.”
~ J. M Barrie,  Peter Pan
 Our September meeting was held on Monday, the 14th at Carol's home.  We collected things for the Days for Girls organization.  Our stake will be doing a large service project with Days for Girls in November.  
Paula ~ the beginnings of the garland.
 Our project was working on the garland for our Festival tree. 
Barbara, Paula, Carolyn, Paulette, Janine and Vila working and chatting
We folded lots and lots and lots of fans,  
Carol ~ the paint fumes were getting to her!
 Carol painted lots of little wooden spools, then we glued colorful paper around them.

Janine and Vila folding and gluing hundreds of fans!
Carol and Barbara putting the garland together

 It was delightful to see the combinations come together to make these beautiful garlands for the tree.

Carol- measuring up!
 This was easier than getting out a measuring tape - a little over five feet!  (And only twenty more to go!

 A few of the colorful paper fans that become pinwheels as we glued them together in preparation to go on the garland.
Barbara, Carolyn and Janine
Carolyn, Carol, Paulette, Patti, Janine, Sandy, Vila and Barbara
We had a lovely potluck lunch mixed with lots of laughter.
  These ladies are the best!

Patti, Paula, Carol, Paulette, Barbara, Janine, Vila, Carolyn and Sandy attended. 

Carol, Carolyn, Patti, Paulette, Paula, Janine, Vila, Barbara
 Our October meeting will be held Monday October 5th. 

. "So come with me,
Where dreams are born
and time is never planned.
Just think of happy things 
and your
will fly on wings
forever in
Never, Never
J. M Barrie ~ Peter Pan

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