Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now is the Time to Begin ~ August 2014

"We are sorely mistaken if we think that at some future point
 it will be more convenient, 
when we have more time, 
more money or 
more anything 
to serve others better.  
Now is the time to begin." 
~Dale G Renlund, BYU Devotional, Sept 16th

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Monday, August 4th, ten of us met at Carolyn's home to work on ornaments for the Festival of Trees and we collected school supplies for Tabitha's Way, a local organization that collects school supplies and puts them into back packs for local children who would not have the needed supplies to begin school.
Paula, Carol, Lynn, Carolyn, Vila and Ardis
We made lots more "Drink Me!" bottles.
Toad stools were created out of Paper mache and will be painted bright colors.

Several of the ladies also worked on paper folding for clocks.
Carol and Lynn

Barbara and Kathy

Carolyn's lovely black and white with yellow table setting

Paula, Vila, Lynn, Kathy and
We enjoyed a delicious pot luck lunch.
Carolyn, Barbara, Carol and Ardis

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